What’s “Notes list"?


The new feature, which is called “Notes list", has been added to ge-calc 70 or later.

This feature is that you can easily access notes. In many cases, it save your times to find them.

I'll explain how to use it.

Open notes list

  • At first, tap the icon marked as red rectangle to open notes list.

  • Here is the notes list screen.

  • It’s a list of your notes.

  • You can scroll down as much as you like to go back.

  • The list is sorted by updated date. And you can search your notes by keywords.

  • You can delete note you don’t want, and jump to it you want.

  • You can create new page by 1 tap.

Sorted by updated date

  • On notes list screen, notes are sorted by updated date.

The newer it is , the upper it is.

  • In many cases, it saves your times to find notes.

  • It based on last modified date.


  • The more notes you save, the more difficult finding it is.

  • You can search notes by keywords.

  • Of course, You can use languages other than English.

  • Please enter your keywords into search window of the red rectangle.

For instance, if you enter “1", you get only the notes contain “1".

  • For example, if you enter “Depo 19", which is separated by space, you will get the notes contain “Depo" and “19".

  • If “19", you’ll get the notes such as “1’980" or “19’800", which contain separators.

  • Inserting proper noun as keyword is convenient for when you search the note. I recommend that you insert title into your memos for searchable. When inserting titles, I recommend that you use “jump to the top" feature.

Easy jump

  • When you found the note, you can jump to the page by one tap.

  • Until now, it was so hard since we had to turn over the pages and pages. This new feature carry you to the note you want in a breath.

Please tap the note.

You will get the page.

Easy delete

  • I recommend that you regularly remove unnecessary notes. You should delete them after you scroll the list and find them. Noise reduction makes that easy to search.

Please swipe left on the item, and tap the delete button to remove it.

It is the same meaning as taping the trash icon on notepad. However, deleting from notes list is superior in terms of light animation.

Create new page

  • When you want to start a completely new caluction, you can create the new page by one tap.

  • You can create the newest page by one touch regardless of whether where you are. Because it doesn’t ask for finding the last page.

Please press “+" button.

It created the newest page.


  • Notes list feature is that you can easily access notes.

  • In many cases, it save your times to find them.

  • In this feature, you can easily get notes sorted by updated date, jump to the note you want, delete it, and create the newest page.

  • This is for free. Please try out the latest version ge-calc.

  • If there are any other particular points, please tell me as a review on AppStore. I would be glad if you post comment. It will encourage for me. I’ll also be waiting for your email at this address, info@ge-nie.co.jp.