% Subtraction modes

ge-calc has 2 modes for percentage subtraction.

You can customize the internal equation according to your needs.

One is for tax calculation.

The default setting is for tax calculation.

For example, in case of entering
51460-12.5% =, it will be interpreted as

51460/(100%+12.5%) = 45742.222.

The other is for simple discount calculation.

"51460-12.5% =“ will be interpreted as

51460-(51460*12.5%) = 45027.5.

How to change setting

As the following steps, you can change the setting from ge-calc in-app setting screen.

At first, please open the setting screen.

At the next, please tap the item of “1100-10% = “.

At the last, please make a choice which equation do you use. = 1000 ( for tax) or = 990 ( for simple discount).

That’s all. Thanks,