Privacy Policy 2.2

ge-nie inc., (hereafter the "Company") has established the following privacy policy which will further the protection of private information by making the importance of protecting personal information and the procedures for handling that information thoroughly clear to all employees.

  1. Management of Personal Information
    The Company will strictly manage customers' personal information.

  2. Purpose for Utilizing Personal Information
    The personal information that the Company gathers from customers will be used in order to make improvements related to advertising, marketing, the Company's products, and responding to customers' questions.

  3. Data Collection
    • In order to improve the Company's products (including the marketing and advertising thereof), the Company utilizes Google Analytics, Fabric, cookies, and Facebook SDK Analytics on its app and website.

• The Company collects data in forms that can be specific to individual users (email addresses, etc.).

• The Company does not collect data entered from numeric keys or from the contents of memos.

• The company does collect anonymous data on individual purchases made within the app and on the circumstances of use by utilizing Facebook SDK Analytics.

  1. Prohibitions on Disclosing or Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company appropriately manages personal information provided by customers. Excepting circumstances that fall under any of the following conditions, private information will not be disclosed to third parties.

• when consent is acquired from the customer
• when disclosing such information to third party professionals to whom the Company entrusts tasks is necessary in order to carry out services desired by the customer
• when required by law

  1. Queries Regarding an Individual's Own Information
    The Company will accommodate customers' requests to check, revise, or delete their own information upon verifying the identify of the individual.

  2. Compliance and Revision with Respect to Regulations and Norms
    In addition to complying with the regulations and other norms that have been adopted in Japan with respect to the possession of personal information, the Company also reviews the appropriateness of the contents of this policy and diligently works to improve them.

  3. Questions Regarding This Policy
    Please send questions regarding the Company's handling of personal information using the means provided below.

ge-nie inc.

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