Localization by GitHub


We began a new try for app localization. It is that we improve the translation for ge-calc in cooperation with the users.

Let’s translate the app in your words

With this approach, you will be able to translate the app in your words.
The localization files, which were defined the app translation, has published on GitHub.

Everyone can contribute to improve the app translation by editing this files.
If your pull request is adopted, your words will appear on the app in the next update. And, other users who use your language will see your words.

We welcome even only part of the translation.
Please give it a try!

How to contribute

1.. Clone the repository using git.
2.. Find your language folder. If Dutch, see ’nl.Iproj’. The folder names are related to ISO 639-1.
3.. Edit the Localizable.strings file to be better. The left sides are keys, the right sides are translated values. For example,

"Thanks♥"="Dank je wel♥"; means "Thanks♥"→"Dank je wel♥".

4.. If there is no key, copy and edit it from ‘en.Iproj'.

5.. Make a commit, push it, and create a pull request.



Contact Us

Please send us email at info@ge-nie.co.jp